The Pigeon!


I sat behind them, and couldn’t resist a sketch. The girls were such a well oiled machine, needless to say they left together.

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From my sketchbook

I was spending too much time fiddling with pictures and getting the scanning right, that I gave up. So there they are in all their tops turbines straight out of my sketchbook!

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All from the beach in Puerto Vallarta. Sitting on the edge of the water at Los Abuellos!

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So thank you to my lovely I Pad who after the auto corrector struggle made all my typing disappear. GRRRRRRR!

So the first is Pat Henri who has circumnavigated a few years ago now on her sailboat Southern Cross and the other is Jeanne Socrates. Both are circumnavigators. Jeanne Socrates is about to attempt a third circumnavigation without stopping and unassisted. She started out last year but had to return due to some damage to her sailboat. While doing repairs in Victoria, BC, she fell off a ladder, broke some ribs and seriously damaged her neck and is recuperating in La Cruz where I was very lucky to find both these ladies.

They are both a wealth of sailing information and very approachable.

I feel so lucky to have met them both!



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Bonne et Heureuse année à tous!

Quand a moi, je suis prête!

Un voilier me ferai très plaisir cette année. À réfléchir!

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