Boy running with lobsters!


That’s to be at least as dangerous as running with scissors!

I rode a rickety rental bike with a very uncomfortable sadle to the Harbor yesterday. In spite of everything, the saddle, the traffic, the potholes, it was a wonderful ride.  I even tried a couple of those inviting alleys and was again pleasantly surprised with unexpected sites.

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Muy Ne some images


There were fishermen on the beach sorting out their nets. Their little round boats intrigue me, they are mostly painted blue and they go out quite a ways in the ocean. I noticed that day that they use pop bottles for floaters and they attach a light to the pole. I’ve only seen them out during the day time but I’m guessing they go out at dusk or night as well.


Memory works in strange ways. Metal gates like these are everywhere in Vietnam, some actually serve to close off something or open into something, but a number are like this, just there with the posts that hold up a lone rusty gate. The gate itself usually reminds me of the one that closed off the yard I grew up in, but it was the blue and White House number that really took me back and made me smile.





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In Mui Ne


Batman and Robin returning from painting the sunset. Mui Ne is a beach kind of place, with numerous kite flying schools. The beach is especially beautiful at sunset, a bit too hot the rest of the time. I couldn’t t speak to dawn though, it’s probably nice too.

I appreciated the fact that the lack of highlights, and tourists “must-see” made it easier to stay by the pool during the day and enjoy just being.

There is a fishing village about 4 kilometres away, which is a nice bike ride, so my plan for sometime soon.


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Language barrier?


I now assume that V and P are very similar to the Vietnamese ear!

He was so enthusiastic about getting what it was I seemed to want, I almost ordered pizza, just so he’d get some positive feedback!

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Cham holy site

image image

The trip to the Cham holy site was interesting, a bus ride, an enthusiastic guide . The start was a visit to a museum to locate the site and the period in history. Too bad it was a tour which meant the museum time was too short to really understand what we were about to see. Our guide though did his best to add anecdotes and history to the tour to make up for the too quick museum time. The visit to the site was on foot with some time to breathe in the clean air in the jungle setting, a nice respite from the city air. My lungs were quite grateful! The site itself was severely damaged by American bombing but being repaired by archeologists with the task of rediscovering those skills from the past that produced bricks that would have lasted through the millenia.

I loved every step through the old and crumbling world and the history these places embrace.

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School girls


school girls hamming it up for me in CatBa. Schooling I learned is not free here. It must be paid for from Kndergarten onwards.

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Cafe and tatoo parlor!


I think it’s called cafe-multitasking. There are so many cafes here, it seems that every two or three store is a cafe. Spending time sipping and watching the world go by with friends seems to be favorite passtime.  There s a lot of competition, so it makes sense to diversify. They also sell their own brand of tea here and it is really, really good. Oh, and the tatoo artists also waits tables when needed!

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