Vang Vien

IMG_0803After 4 hours on the VIP bus, I arrived in Vang Vien and set out to look for a hotel.  I’ d read up on the possibilities on the bus on the way up. I rolled my case along sidewalks and streets… it’s actually pretty sturdy for all the abuse it is getting, but holding up in true Eagle Creek fashion!  Domon hotel was at the end of a street and well located along the river. When I entered and faced this view, I knew I’ d found home for a couple of days at least.  The view on the Karsts was breathtaking, this is just a small portion!


The next day the market spread out along the street on whitish tarps covered in fabulous ingredients.  I wished I had a kitchen to sample and try out recipes. Of course Laos cuisine sounds varied and tasty and readily available but as a vegetarian local dishes are restricted.  My choice of course, and who knows if I d be a vegetarian if I lived here, their rapport with their food is so much more human than ours. I doubt anything here comes from western food industry with it’s wasteful, cruel practices.


These last two are from my sketchbook. Street scene. I really liked the mom and kids on their way to the market.


On motorbikes or on bicycles many riders carry umbrellas for shade. I’m not sure I could handle the added  challenge but it’s pretty common here!

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