Tout en espérant une meilleure performance de mon ordi, j’ai quand même réussi a monté ces quelques images d’une soirée vraiment très agréable.  Un groupe super sympa, un rock formidable. Ils revenaient de tournée qui j’espère était à la hauteur de leurs talents.  En tout cas les soirées sur le patio de Musiikki savent faire vibrer!
Wild wildernessWilderness 2 copyWilderness 2

Evening magic!

garden magic 1

The last couple of evenings, the garden has been magical.  Fireflies took over the wild and crazy chaos and twinkled everywhere at once.  I sat on the steps and watched enchanted.  What a show!  After a long delighted while I went in to draw and paint the moment.  The pilot in me added the little wings at the feet, because, even fairies need a rudder to fly through the night!

Some Musiikki sketches

Musiikki 15.06 Musiikki passenger 1 Musiikki passenger Musiikki 8.06  Mussikkii is a small cafe, and I mean small, in Kingston, Ontario.

It has become a hang out for me when I am in Kingston.  A place to sit and sketch surrounded with some of the loveliest people in the city.  Monday nights they host a fabulous Jazz band who welcome other musicians to join them in the tiny place that serves for a stage.  Musiikki is more bar than cafe, whiskey bar actually, but they serve coffee and tea and chocolate.   I just sketch and I love that I am not alone with the sketch pad.

Charley Brown’s nostalgia

Charley Brown 4 copy charley brown 3 jpeg

Just a few sketches from Charley Brown’s  in Bangkok where I loved to sit and sketch,  ate some great Mexican food, had superb service and great conversations, although maybe not that deep… the red wine was really nice!

charley brown1 charley brown2 Charley Brown 5