MP’s Bio

This is about who I am.  Things have changed so much in the last few years, sometimes I hardly recognize myself.

For starters, if you are up to it, check out some of my work:

TRUST THE MAGIC is a romance novel I wrote and is available on in paperback and as an e-book.

My book :CARNETS DE VOYAGE may still be available at Les Editions des Plaines, out of St Boniface, Manitoba.

Neither has made my fortune, but they’ve both been fun to write.  I’ve also written a couple of plays: The Mermaid, which saw the stage at the Shoebox theatre in Regina and Les Chemins de la memoire which was produced by La Troupe du Jour and played across Saskatchewan and Alberta.   I have had cartoons in the french paper : L’Eau Vive and done some cartoon work for l’AJF in Saskatoon, and a series of radio plays, accompanied by the comic book: Bruno et Alice.  All Art by me, story in cooperation with the ever wonderful Adrienne Sawchuck.

In the last few years,  I’ve moved my writing to comic books and cartoons, which is what you will find on my blog, mainly.  From time to time I wax poetic and write an entry in words, but generally I much prefer to draw or paint.

I am an avid traveler and by now I have seen a bit of the world , although never quite enough, so at this writing I am preparing a second trip to Asia. If I manage to stay on track, I should be in Vietnam this October and Kerala India in February. In my life quest to travel, I’ve learned to fly and worked as a bush pilot in Northern Saskatchewan for awhile.  I’ve also learned to sail and did a number of crossings between Hawaii and the mainland as crew on small sailboats. I’ve  managed to get half way to Tahiti by sailboat, but in the end flew to French Polynesia and had a magnificent time. Traveling to French Polynesia along with the other places I have been to like the Canadian Arctic, where I stayed three years; Crete, Venice, Ste Croix in the Caribbean, Nepal, Thailand, Bali, New Zealand, San Francisco, New York, Stonehenge in England, Scotland, Brittany in France, were all inspired by the books and “bandes dessinees” I read.   I’m ever so grateful to the talented authors and artists who inspired and continue to inspire  my travels through their work.

Marie-Pierre Maingon