Phu Quoc island


There were so many wildly conflicing reports about Phu Quoc that at times I thought to skip it altogether. In the end, I took the plunge,made the arrangements and went adventuring. From CanTho I took a bus to Rach Gia and from there the Superdong 3 to Phu Quoc. I was very glad I went and Phu Quoc was everything they all said. I loved my stay .  Although the resort was on the high side of affordable, I most enjoyed falling asleep and waking to the sound of the surf. I travelled with a very adventurous foodie and so was introduced to some very interesting Vietnamese dishes!

Eventually I decided to leave for the sake of my figure. Round the corner from the resort was à french artisan baker who made the most divine and irresistible croissants! I did not resist. Not a single day of my stay. When I left, I had 2 for the road in my bag!

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